New Website Launched! has officially launched. Below is a summary of the changes;

  1. Domain Change to from Former site domain will remain open with a link to our new site until SEPTEMBER 2016. At that point we may re-purchase the old domain or simply drive traffic to the new domain name, stay tuned.
  2. Content Transferred
    • Mission under ABOUT US -> Mission
    • Officers under ABOUT US -> Officers
    • Directors under ABOUT US -> Directors
    • Certificationsunder CERTIFICATION ETC. -> Certifications (NO CONTENT)
    • Recertificationsunder CERTIFICATION ETC. -> Recertifications
    • Section MGT Team Meetings under EVENTS
    • Mailing Address under ABOUT US -> Contact
    • Advanced Membership under ABOUT US -> Advanced Membership
    • Placement Center under ABOUT US -> Careers
    • Section History & Appendices under HISTORY -> Section History
    • Section History Appendices under HISTORY -> Historical Data (needs updated data)
    • Conference (Forrest Breyfogle) under HISTORY -> Conferences (includes photo gallery)
    • Latest News Feeds and Meetings under News & Events
  3. Content Omitted
    • Outreach (out of date)
    • Conference (Dr. Donald Wheeler) Link broken
    • Newsletters from sister sections 2009
    • Section History Meeting Notes (Archived Offline, draft site built if we decide to upload
    • Section History Histogram Newsletter (Archived Offline, draft site built if we decide to upload)


ASQ Quality Exam Dates (updated May 4, 2016

For exam dates and registration please click on the ASQ link.

                             2016 ASQ Quality Exam Location

Indiana Institute of Technology                                                                            Andorfer Commons                                                                                             Seitz Conference Room - Rooms 205 & 206
1600 E. Washington Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46803

2016 Exam Dates in Ft. Wayne:

June 4th;  October 1st;  December 3rd


ASQ Certification: Computer Based Testing Announcement

Based on extensive market analysis and feedback from our loyal members, ASQ is moving the administration of all certification exams from paper and pencil to computer based test, or CBT, delivery. The change will occur for all exams scheduled to take place fromSept. 28, 2016, onwards

Benefits include:

  • Additional annual exam administrations: from two to six
  • Additional days available for testing: from four per year to 102
  • Convenience of retesting: reduced from 6 months to 2 months
  • More test locations: from 350 to 8,000
  • Faster test results: from 10 days to 0-4 days (except for CSSMBB and CMQ/OE, which require paper scoring).

More information to follow.