New Website Launched! has officially launched. Below is a summary of the changes;

  1. Domain Change to from Former site domain will remain open with a link to our new site until SEPTEMBER 2016. At that point we may re-purchase the old domain or simply drive traffic to the new domain name, stay tuned.
  2. Content Transferred
    • Mission under ABOUT US -> Mission
    • Officers under ABOUT US -> Officers
    • Directors under ABOUT US -> Directors
    • Certificationsunder CERTIFICATION ETC. -> Certifications (NO CONTENT)
    • Recertificationsunder CERTIFICATION ETC. -> Recertifications
    • Section MGT Team Meetings under EVENTS
    • Mailing Address under ABOUT US -> Contact
    • Advanced Membership under ABOUT US -> Advanced Membership
    • Placement Center under ABOUT US -> Careers
    • Section History & Appendices under HISTORY -> Section History
    • Section History Appendices under HISTORY -> Historical Data (needs updated data)
    • Conference (Forrest Breyfogle) under HISTORY -> Conferences (includes photo gallery)
    • Latest News Feeds and Meetings under News & Events
  3. Content Omitted
    • Outreach (out of date)
    • Conference (Dr. Donald Wheeler) Link broken
    • Newsletters from sister sections 2009
    • Section History Meeting Notes (Archived Offline, draft site built if we decide to upload
    • Section History Histogram Newsletter (Archived Offline, draft site built if we decide to upload)